Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doublet Baragoni Braided Mockup - First Attempt

So, I have been working on a doublet for  the IRCC and I want to make baragoni that look like one of these Allesandro Allori portraits - but I am not sure how it is done.  Is it braided or woven over a shoulder roll with a loose covering of sheer fabric.  I mocked up a couple of braid styles and am not entirely happy with the results.
Before cutting into my fashion fabric, I wanted to do a mock up.  I cut 3" wide strips of polar fleece 20" long sewed them into tubes and made a 3-part and a 4-part braid to see how it looked.  Here they are pinned to a previous doublet.  I used different colors to help me visualize the weave of the braid.
 Here are the instructions I used to make the four part braid:
Both of the portraits appear to have a puffs of a sheer fabric pulled through. I can't quite tell if the sheer portion is actually one of the braid strands or if it is hidden under the braid and pulled through at intervals to make puffs.  Maybe I will make a tube of the sheer fabric my chemise is made of and try pushing that through the braids a random intervals.

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