Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleeves for Clarice IRCC gown

So, I've been chugging away at the IRCC challenge  and have made great progress on my sleeves.
 This is all the sleeve visible in the Clarice portrait.  Based on this, I decided to make four "rows" of the pinking design that I tapered towards the wrist.  Note the little bead embellishments.  I plan to add beads to all but the underarm because I think beads along the under arm will catch on things and be uncomfortable as I move my arms.
Tapered cutting pattern for sleeves.  Cut with exacto knives, hand cut long slashes wider, then applied fray guard to all cut edges.  Basted peek through lining outside edges and along the lines where the trim will go. I steamed the trim to pre-shrink it (not sure it worked very well) and stitched it on by machine with a double needle.

Now I am stitching beads on while the sleeves are still flat.  I still need to make the sleeve top treatment.

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